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New version 20-p booklet (S26T1) posted here Mar. 14, 2019
and new version 24-p booklet (S26T2) posted here Mar. 14, 2019 as English model ebooks!
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New version 24-p tract (S28T1) posted here Mar. 14, 2019 as English model ebook!
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You can print your own English booklets of S26T1 & S26T2 & S28T1 too, on letter-size paper
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Our AUDIO-VISUAL BIBLE (KJV) IS ONLINE FOR FREE USE... And Right On This Page, Via FCBH Net Technology,

You Will Find CRUCIAL INFO For All Truth-Seekers In 34 Vital Question-Answer Items Posted Here:
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Questions and Answers About the King of the Universe



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Bible Passage/Message Of The Day from Street Tracts Int. Mission
& the Jesus Information Network :

Provided by the Jesus Information Network.

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Our is fishing with a net that catches some BIG fish!
A worldwide Jesus net is pulling in its catch!
E-mail for and R. K. Street, Jr.

The site -- here you can gain a better understanding
of God's Developmental Plan for our vast Universe, perhaps finally
grasping the Biblical Scheme of Earth's History and Direction. Here you can even find a new form
of long-term vision and divine insight, perhaps, as you consider for a while
the great and unchanging truths of the Holy Scriptures of the Christian Bible -- as you listen
to the words of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and as you peer
for a short while through the awesome Total View
perspective of Jesus Christ. It's a viewpoint that you can fully
appreciate only through divine grace... because that view is only possible
with the eyes of Jesus, via a blessing of His Holy Spirit...
when you are standing firm with your feet securely placed
on the Solid Rock of God's own Higher Ground!

Jesus Christ is the Rock of Salvation, the Foundation of Safety -- He's
the Word of God, the Sun of Heaven, the Light of the Universe --
and He's the Only Person Who fully knows both Heaven and Earth --
because (as He has said) He's the Only One Who came down to the Earth from Heaven.
He says that it would be easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away
than for one tiny dot of the Holy Scriptures to not be fulfilled...
Jesus says that (indeed) Heaven and Earth will one day pass away...
but that His words will NEVER pass away!

There are more things in Heaven and Earth
than are dreamt of in your philosophy, O Mortal Man!
Hear the words of Jesus, Who is the Word of God, the Bread of Life,
the True Manna that comes down to you from Heaven!

  As for anyone who has ears to hear, let him hear the Truth of Jesus Christ,
Who is the Holy One, the Word of God, the Voice of God!
As for anyone who has eyes to see, let him read the Truth in the Holy Scriptures
of the Christian Bible, which is also God's Own Truth revealed
in a Book written by the Holy Spirit of Almighty God!

Only Jesus Christ, the One True Son of God, has ever seen both Heaven and Earth,
and He came down to Earth to reveal to us Truth that had not been
previously revealed since the Creation of the Universe.
Heaven and Earth will pass away, but His words will never pass away.

Only the awesome Holy Spirit of God can, through Jesus' sacrifice, rescue you
from sin, from death, from Hell-on-Earth & from Hell-after-Earth!   -   Christian Gospel Tracts for Believers and Unbelievers!
Serve the Great Savior of the Earth, help people find the Truth,
and win souls for Christ!

The Captain of Our Life-Saving Ark Is None Other Than King Jesus The Christ --
And Yet This Regal Jesus Still Uses A Life-Saving Net . . . And A Big Stick Too. . . To Collect
Many Drowning Humans and To Bring These Gone-Astray Persons Aboard His Lifeboat!

Street Tracts International   -   taken from a tract in the Truth For Southeast Asia series
(Version1a, September 12, 2007. Copyright 2007 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr.)

    Here's a surprising fact that you maybe haven't ever realized: Did you know that Jesus still fishes... even though He's the rightful Captain of Spaceship Earth? Right now, He serves humanity as the Wise and Courageous Captain of Ark Jesus, Earth's Only Lifeboat, and He keeps His life-saving net always ready for quick use... even at a mere moment's notice! It's His Rescue Net, and it gets quite a lot of use, because it's essential to His plan for planet Earth.

    Jesus is an expert fisherman as well as the trustworthy Captain of His awesome Life-Ship. He fishes for men and women, for human beings of all sorts and of all races. Jesus often fishes struggling human beings out of deadly waters... when they would otherwise perish in a fatal disaster. He nets people and lifts them out of a catastrophe, bringing them to safety aboard a ship I like to call Ark Jesus.

    He's quite the Hero of the Greatest Adventure ever reported, and yet He still fishes, even today, even in our modern world. Yes, indeed! He rides quietly in His Ark, always searching for people He can rescue, and He's careful to keep that life-saving net always nearby! He'll jump up at any instant to use it successfully for another rescue. Never running out of emergencies, He always carries a Big Rescue Net aboard His ship.

    Jesus was once in human form as a humble carpenter on our planet Earth, but today He is a lot more like a fisherman who is casting out a worldwide net!

    If you are a borderline nut-case in need of medical help, you can be glad that Jesus is the One Who is after you with a net, instead of those guys in the white coats, who chase people with another kind of net.

    On the other hand, if you are simply a stubborn jackass or a stiff-necked idiot, God may instead surprise you by walking up softly and walloping you in the head with a big stick! Or He may even hit you in the head with a 2" x 4" board, in order to get the jackass finally moving in the right direction. That usually happens only when you are a really sinful unbeliever or what Jesus called "a lazy and worthless servant." You really need to start giving Him your full attention!

    I know what you're thinking. Jesus probably learned that little trick with the 2" x 4" board during his early years, back when He was just a humble carpenter in Israel! Maybe so! One thing's for sure: Jesus has used His construction skills to build for us a remarkably strong and sturdy Ark, a Lifeboat that He has created as part of His rescue mission to Earth... and only a very foolish and deceived person would ever fail to seek safety in that Ark.

    Here's an explanation and elaboration of our humor, made for everybody, but especially for people in foreign countries who don't quite understand the humor of the above paragraphs!

    You may recall that a former US President named Teddy Roosevelt once advised the public that a person should "walk softly and carry a big stick." I think maybe God has a stick too... a rather long one that he uses to wake up people who keep falling asleep every time they listen to a sermon! Sometimes God may have to tap you on the top of your head rather forcefully, just in order to get your attention-- to get you to wake up and see the real world.

    And sometimes He may have to extend that staff to you so that He can rescue you from your own foolish error-- when you are drowning in a pit of Earth's quicksand, or when you are about to drown in Earth's deadly waters... in a grave misfortune, or in a sea of catastrophe.

    Now, how can I say that Jesus sails quietly with a Big Net, but that He also, at the same time, "walks softly and carries a Big Stick"...? It's like this: Jesus is not only trying to catch a lot of fish-- He is also gathering a lot of sheep, and He's trying to lead these very dumb animals toward the safety of Heaven!

    God can take a few fishes (a group of Christian believers) and some bread (the Word of God, the True Manna from Heaven) and with these, through Jesus Christ, He works a great miracle. God takes these few fishes and not only multiplies them but transforms them. The (human) fishes that Jesus seeks to catch are soon transformed into sheep that seek to follow after Him. We follow our Good Shepherd in the path as He leads us. As we do so, amazingly, we start to resemble-- just a little bit-- the wonderful Lamb of God!

    But sheep are really stupid animals, and that's why Jesus carries not only a Big Net but a Big Stick.

    In fact, the Bible tells us in Zechariah 11:7 that our Good Shepherd carries 2 staves (long wooden rods) very similar to the ones carried by ancient shepherds two thousand years ago. A shepherd then had one staff used to fight off wild animals, and another that was used to guide the sheep carefully through tight spots and difficult places. Zechariah says that our Good Shepherd has one staff named "Beauty" (or "Grace") and another called "Bands." It looks to me like He must use the first staff to fight off devils and dark forces that seek to steal/kill His sheep. The other stick, "Bands," is the one He uses to guide stupid sheep through the difficult places in our lives. That's the one that He uses to hit you on the head occasionally.

    It helps you to keep going in the right direction, to stay on the path. It helps Him prod us so that we keep moving in the direction of Heaven, that safe pasture that is waiting for us at the end of our lives.

    I'd say that when Jesus is leading a bunch of stupid sheep (often-erring Christians), it's a bit like a human being trying to ride a stubborn jackass. The donkey just doesn't want to go where it's supposed to go... and neither do His stupid sheep. That's where the Big Stick comes in mighty handy.

    You see, Jesus expects of us that we help Him catch a lot of fish, whether it's by hook or by rook or by nook! He wants us to become fruitful trees in His Garden. He can use a former crook, or even a former snook... if He can just get you to pay attention! He's always after the big catch-- whether it's a full net, loaded up with a big catch of "153 fishes"... or a giant pen filled with a lot of rescued sheep that were saved from death just in the nick of time... or the many millions of people He can gather in through a system called the World Wide Net.

    Jesus fishes with a big net. He knows the right spot to throw a net... just exactly where all the fish are hiding. So should we. You can get an awesome catch that way. You can get a big haul of fish and surprise yourself! You can catch a lot more than you will ever get by quietly sitting with an old fishing pole, by just waiting around for hours with a single fishing line dropped in the water... but, sadly, in the wrong spot. So I guess those of us who are Believers had all better get busy doing as He commanded...

    If you've never been caught yet by the Safety Net of Jesus Christ, it's probably because you've been resisting the Truth your whole life long. But Jesus is still extending His staff to you, even now-- a life-saving stick that you really should grab. It's a stick that can rescue you when you are otherwise going to drown in the quicksand catastrophe of life. It's a rod that can correct your erring path and guide you to safety.

    It's a rod of correction that will allow you, if you cooperate, to be lifted up and brought to safety aboard Ark Jesus. You will otherwise perish in the stormy seas of earthly life, just like so many other lost children. Take hold of the staff of Jesus Christ. Do it today, and you can be brought to safety in His eternal Life-Ship. With that staff of correction guiding you to the Truth and to His Heaven, you too can become one of the saved. Make Jesus your Shepherd, your Captain, and your King.

    Jesus Christ alone deserves such honor and respect... when absolutely no one else does. You don't deserve it, nor do your foolish idols, nor does the Prince of This World. Give all honor and glory to the Holy One only... Jesus Christ, the One to Whom all honor is due.



The great Christian adventurer Robert Cornuke rightly makes this remarkable declaration...

  "People are jaundiced in their faith today. Men are not engaged; they're not excited. A lot of men are not going to church anymore... they're falling away from their faith. And I believe that the greatest adventure is not what I do -- going to climb mountains, diving in the sea, looking for Noah's Ark, Mount Sinai, Paul's shipwreck, all the things that I've done. The greatest adventure in this world is opening up the Bible. And adventure begins with belief. The minute you believe you are entering into a new realm of adventure that you will find nowhere else on this planet. And that adventure is God... and the results are the greatest treasure you could possibly imagine... in the Universe."

  "Years ago, there was a Flood. And God called the animals and called Noah and his family into that Ark. And when that door on that Ark closed, it sealed all those outside... and they perished. It sealed all those inside... and they survived. You see, there's no spiritual Switzerland-- God calls us to be proactive; He calls us to a decision. He's calling you on the Ark today. It doesn't matter if we find an old beam on a mountain that we say is Noah's Ark... if you don't find the real Ark that's right in front of you. That real Ark is Jesus. That door is open. And God's calling you in. And if you go aboard that Ark-- when your heart stops beating, and that door is closed-- then when you're on that Ark, you're guaranteed eternal salvation and forgiveness of your sins. If you're outside of that Ark, you perish. There's an Ark in Christ, and God's calling you aboard it."

-- Robert Cornuke, August 23, 2007.

  The sentences above, quoted from TBN's "Praise The Lord" and its TV program segment of August 23, 2007, were spoken by Robert Cornuke of the B.A.S.E. (Biblical Archaeology Search & Exploration) Institute. "Bob" Cornuke is a Christian explorer and an archaeological treasure-hunter; he is a Noah's Ark Hunter who was formerly a search-partner of the late Col. James B. Irwin. Col. James B. Irwin was also a believer in Christ, a Christian astronaut who walked on the Moon in connection with the Apollo 15 mission... and a driver of the first Moon Jeep. Col. Irwin is already in Heaven now with his Lord and King, having completed a High Flight to the Kingdom of Heaven. There he coninues his adventures in a realm much higher than that of planet Earth.


Our major work-in-progress which we call The Eyewitness Bible (KJV) is currently aiming for a 2012 release date.
The first e-book edition produced will be called The Eyewitness Testimony Bible.
The second e-book edition, also scheduled for '12, when it is eventually released to the public, will be The Eyewitness Evangelism Bible, an alternate version with a lot of supplemental materials added. The very first Kindle e-book editions should be going out before the end of 2012 for all the e-book readers out there!

R. K. Street, Jr.'s two versions of his new Eyewitness Testimony Bible will soon have their initial release, projected as being for sale in Kindle ebook format & expected for the year 2012. He is already at work composing and editing the material for these 2 study Bibles, to be constructed from the KJV text in our unique "historical worldview" format-- it's a more chronological design, with our own supplemental materials added as the special appendices for each version.

Another big work-in-progress is our The Kingly Gift Tribute Bible (KJV), which should also have its official e-book release during 2012.
(We had hoped to get it into Kindle-ready condition for a timely distribution during the year 2011, thus coinciding with the 400th Anniversary of the KJV Bible, but were unable to do so.)
Expect our new The Manifest Destiny English Bible (KJV) to also be sent out in its own e-book format before the end of 2012.
Watch also for our works-in-progress The Shakespearean Providence Bible & later The Shakespearean Worldview Anthology
-- the last two planned for 2013-14.

The first of these 3 new historical worldview study Bibles from R.K. Street, Jr will have its initial e-book release soon, aimed for the year 2012. Yes, Ken is already at work composing and editing the material for 3 more historical worldview study Bibles-- all projected as being for sale in the Kindle ebook format during the years 2012-14. The 3 unusual modern study Bibles named above are to be constructed from the KJV text in our unique "historical worldview" format. It's a more chronological design, with our own special materials added as the appendices for each version.

Will 2012 actually unleash in Kindle format Ken's epic travelogue,
a series which begins with Earth-Trekker's Dream --
an autobiographical work already available since late 2006 as
a limited-release e-book for supporters of our
worldwide evangelism tracts ministry...?
Will readers be able to explore the Kindle version of Ken's
book Earth-Trekker's Trail, finally reading all about
Ken's foreign exploits & discoveries made abroad...?
Will readers be able somehow to marvel in the FANTASTIC and
yet realistic book that has been titled Earth-Trekker's Voyage:
Exploring The Solar System
, watching in awe as the aging
Earth-Trekker begins a fantastic otherworldly adventure...?
-- E-mail Ken via etracts @ yahoo .com if you are curious
and interested in reading these!

R. K. Street, Jr.'s epic cycle of Earth-Trekker books begins with these 3 volumes. These 3 (of 7 projected) are part of an autobiographical / philosophical series with a world- travels theme, each about 400-600 pages long. The finished works in e-book format will provide a non-linear chronicle of Ken's own peculiar life journey... from the childish Presbyterian Sunday School student to the proud Evolutionist and s-f fanatic, to the wide-eyed world-traveler, to his unfortunate days as a much-deceived New Age cult victim in India... and ultimately to his current mind-set as the conservative Bible-minded Christian and creationist, one who believes in Biblical prophecies about the return of King Jesus Christ. The latter mind-set has been with him for the past 30+ years, and he has not lost the certainty of his convictions in all this time.




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